Empower Thyself Initiation

Do you know that there is more to life?

Are you ready for your next level of purpose?

Are you seeking thE BEST tools for personal mastery?

Empower Thyself Initiation is a 2-day training which is a rebirth into a higher level of yourself and your life purpose.

In the year following your Initiation many things will begin to change on the deepest levels of your being.

You will become more YOURSELF. You will be more attuned with your inner reality, your desires, and your potentials. You will care less about what others think and more about finding your joy each day.

The lifetime of habits and thoughts will begin to lift like a veil being removed from your eyes. Over time, and with applied use of the tools learned in this 2-day training, you can begin to make real progress towards your life purpose. An inner strength emerges and the once-whispering voice of your higher self, your inner guidance, your innate wisdom, begins to shine through more of your daily actions and thoughts.

The areas of life which were “stuck” slowly become “unstuck”.

With Empower Thyself Initiation, you will take the first step on a tried and true path of progression.

This training begins a process where you will:

  • Receive the keys for living a successful human life

  • Learn basic daily rituals which structure your energy and mind, giving you the tools to create change in your life

  • Develop contact with your higher guidance

  • Make life a lot easier and simpler, changing the flow of your baseline energy from negative to positive, so that you struggle less with the minor details of life and can focus on the bigger picture

  • Become more centered and grounded in your own self and personal space

  • Understand your negative ego and how to overcome it

  • Examine what it means to be human and why you were born

  • Refine your contact with God (by whatever name you call God) and have a more clear, personalized relationship

After this 2-day training, the next recommended steps are Healers Academy (2nd step initiation) and Universal Kabbalah.

Investment for Empower Thyself Initiation: $900