Life Activation

Life Activation creates an opening, a beginning of greater insight, awareness, and choice. This session awakens the spiritual blueprints of your DNA, the core of your being. With these blueprints turned on, you begin to see new possibilities within yourself. Life Activation is like planting a seed, which you will nurture with your awareness and desire for your own growth and personal mastery. That seed takes time to sprout, grow, and blossom.

Many people who receive Life Activation report a sense of peace, balance, and a deeper connection with what they truly desire. Old patterns shift and old stories become less important. The subconscious mind begins a cleaning out process that will unfold gently over several years.

Some people consciously notice many changes from Life Activation; for others, they simply feel more relaxed about life. Often, the more work you have done on yourself and the more open you are spiritually, the more you will feel from this activation. But it will work for you even if you are not feeling it, and over time you will begin to change into a more grounded, more compassionate, clear, and directed version of yourself.

Investment: $250