The Path of Initiation in the Modern Mystery School


The Modern Mystery School is a system of spiritual progression for individuals seeking self-healing, empowerment, life purpose, and service to the world.

It is a tried-and-true path walked by those seeking empowerment and self-knowledge for thousands of years. It is a living, unbroken lineage passed down teacher to student generation after generation which has been with us since the first humans, long before the ancient civilizations we know.

We work with an ancient, proven system that has been used and tested for thousands of years with unbroken lineage and consistent results. A path of progression which will accelerate your life processes and get you to your destination 10, 100, 1000 times faster and more reliably than anything else you have tried. The Modern Mystery School has a unique ability to ground the energy and complete the circuit of heaven and earth: "As Above, So Below". This clear and simple path unfolds at the pace you choose with unprecedented practicality, grounding, and ability to manifest your reality to be in alignment with your true self, your true mission, and your true power.


The Path of Progression

  1. Six major steps of Initiation for enlightenment of the Soul and the embodiment of your higher purpose

  2. Universal Kabbalah for the balance of spiritual and physical life, and manifestation of your most important goals

  3. Healer’s Academy and private healing sessions for becoming a whole, integrated, and joyful person

  4. Classes to learn to apply metaphysics to your daily life including Sacred Geometry, Astral Travel, and Shamanism

  5. Further advanced training for those called to a lifetime of service to others and creating world peace